Wine Lover


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wine Tasting Kit

As a wine lover, I started appreciating wine by chance and did not start it off right. For someone new to wine appreciation and would like to start it off this season, you may consider getting a wine tasting kit. Generally, a wine tasting kit will consist of a tasting notepads. In this notepad, you should take note of the flavor and aroma of the wine that you have appreciated. Together you also need wine bottle stoppers, a wine label removers, a wine bottle bag. Lastly, but not least is the cork screw openner to open the bottle of wine.

The wine stoppers helps you to keep your wine bottle intact if you cannot finished the bottle of wine. The wine label removers help you to remove the wine label to be stick to your wine journal noting your wine tasting experience. In the event that you have a blind wine tasting party, you may need the bottle bags to cover up the the wine bottle so that the taster will not see the wine bottle label.

You will not be surprise that as you get more experience, your taste to the same wine may differ. At the end of each tasting, you should ask yourself if you like its taste and would you like to drink more of it.