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Monday, November 27, 2006

My Red Wine Taste Awful

When I first started buying a bottle or two of red wine after each overseas trip back from the airport, I just shut them in my kitchen cabinet. Every seasonal festive time, I will then take and place them in the refrigerator before serving them to my guests.

I opened the bottles and served the wines to all guests immediately. To my shock, all of them found the wines tasted awful. The bitter tannic tasted like overnight tea and it was really undrinkable!

Buying good wine is one thing to consider, but not storing them correctly can be disastrous. Opening the bottle and serve immediately without allowing the wine to breathe and open is also a not well known mistake. You need to have knowledge about wine to appreciate wine.

I will share my knowledge over time in this blog. As of now, I come across this article on "Wine Need To Breathe". Wine is like a living thing, you need to allow it to breathe to improve its taste. You will enjoy your next bottle of wine better.


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